Immigrant services, performed by immigrants

Daniel Clasen

Immigrant Law Center is led by attorney Daniel Clasen. At the age of fifteen, Daniel was admitted to one of the most prestigious Law Schools in Brazil, the Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul. After graduating in 2017, Daniel started to work as an Attorney. In 2018, Daniel studied for the California Bar Examination, and was approved at his first attempt. In 2020, Daniel completed the Immigration Fundamentals Course offered by AILA University, which granted to him a deep knowledge about the most common immigration matters. Currently, Daniel is finishing his Master’s Degree in Immigration Law and his is recording an Immigration video documentary as his final thesis. After a few years practicing and receiving training in the field of Immigration Law through AILA University in the United States, Daniel sought ways to fulfill the needs of his Immigration Law clients without measuring efforts and, this way, Immigrant Law Center was launched.